Big Beautiful World 73 – Farm and Barn, Herndon, PA

It’s a big, beautiful world out there and man…are we ever screwing it up.

The other day, I thought I would try and take a back way to work. The main route in is often congested, and if there’s any little bit of road work (this is Pennsylvania, there’s always road work) the drive can flip from meditative to annoying. The back way goes outside of town and around the mountain (this is central Pennsylvania, there are always mountains), so it is way less trafficked. There are no tractor trailers, no PennDOT cones, just me and the open road. Ahhh, bliss.

Of course, I missed one turn.

The very first turn. Which was probably good, because it was easy for me to see where I screwed up. And it kept me on a relatively main road, instead of dumping me onto some little trail that’s barely maintained and always leads to trouble. There’s a delicate balance you have to find, between trying the back way to your job and not ending up as the posthumous true story a horror movie is based on.

The bad news is, I was about 15 minutes late. When I hit the town of Herndon I knew I was far off track and had to turn around. BUT! My employers were very nice and understanding, and I’ve given them ammunition with which they can give me shit, so they get a little extra kick out of this for busting my chops, for a few weeks at least.

The good news is, I saw the prettiest field and barn I think I’ve ever seen. I went back the next day–intentionally–to take pictures.


To quote Elizabeth Bennet, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a place so happily situated.”

Life lesson: Sometimes wrong turns are the right ones, in time.


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